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The core of the Canopy brand represents life, energy & growth which our logomark embodies through the use of growth rings.

This Chopped Tee does exactly what it says on the tin, it chops our Canopy logo mark in half and is used in an abstract and eye catching design. A high contrast colour way of petrol blue and red gives the t-shirt a bold and engaging look.

The garment is made from 20% polyester and 80% ring-spun cotton, the latter being more durable and softer than standard cotton, this is perfect for the arborist or outdoor worker. Includes a black hem tag featuring a white Canopy logo

Canopy clothing is for the outdoor enthusiast. If you spend more time with a chainsaw in hand or with your feet off the ground then Canopy is for you.

  • Petrol blue T-Shirt
  • Black Hem label with White logo
  • Abstract ‘chopped’ logo design
  • 20% polyester
  • 80% ring-spun cotton
  • Comfortable, soft material